Lalibela Hudad Lodge, 3 days

The surrounding area of Lalibela offers superb hiking. The recently opened Hudad Lodge is a great place to stay and to use as a base to explore the area. It is a true ecolodge. Build in traditional style with local materials, completely solar powered and all waste products are recycled. There is no road accessible by cars leading to the lodge.


Early morning we start our walk from Lalibela town to make use of the cooler morning hours during the 2,5 to 3,5 hour (depending on your fitness) walk up to the plateau where the Hudad Lodge is situated. Mules are available to carry our luggage and it is also possible to ride a mule yourself. For an active itinerary it is possible to include a visit to Asheton Maryam Monastery on our way up. Once you reach the lodge you are going to be rewarded with splendid views and a refreshing foot massage. After lunch it's time to relax or we go for a walk near near the lodge to meet the local farmers and enjoy the mountain scenery.

Today we can take it easy and explore the area around the lodge or we embark on a strenuous hike up to the Abuna Yosef Mountain (4260 m). The latter option is a full day hike (at least 9 hours) which should not be underestimated. But it is a great hike and you will be rewarded with extraordinary views and might be lucky to see the endangered Ethiopian wolf.

On an active itinerary we will hike to the Yimrehane Kristos church in about 6 hours. This is a beautiful decorated so called 'build up' church, which differs from the rock-hewn churches from Lalibela town. Our car will wait us there and takes us in about 2 hours to Lalibela. If you want to take it easy this day we enjoy a relaxing morning at the lodge and walk down to Lalibela town in the afternoon. We might include a visit to Asheton Maryam if we haven't done this on the first day.

It is possible to combine a multi-day TESFA Mountain Trek with a stay at the beautiful Hudad Lodge