Ethiopia is a relatively safe country. Violent crimes are rare. Tourists should be aware of pickpockets and other petty thefts in the bigger towns. Be extra alert at crowded places like markets, around mini bus stands, and at big public gatherings.

Boys selling chewing gum, sweets, and the like from a card box tray are notorious pickpockets in some parts of Addis Ababa using the tray as a cover. Be aware of situations when someone tries to distract you by spitting on you and offering to clean it, dropping some coins, pushing you, etc.

In some remote areas, separatist movements have been active in recent years. Boundless Ethiopia Tours will only operate tours to areas permitted by (local) Ethiopian authorities and follow its guidelines. Contact your own government for detailed travel advice from their side.

Security in towns and at airports is tight, frisking or body scanning and inspection of bags when entering a building is common. Strict regulations are followed for domestic flights.