Professional video cameras need a permit from the Government Communication Affairs Office. Small modern consumer camcorders are usually not targeted but some older bigger models might be questioned. When needed we can assist you in obtaining a permit.

Visitors are allowed to import an unlimited amount of foreign currency but they have to declare foreign currency in excess of 3,000 USD, or equivalent. To export foreign currency in excess of 3,000 USD, or equivalent, the customs declaration of foreign currency has to be produced. Any traveler entering or exiting Ethiopia is only allowed to carry a maximum of 200 birr.

Duty-free imports are permitted for up to:
• 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 250 gram of tobacco;
• 2 liters of alcoholic beverages;
• 1/2 liter of perfume.
Visitors may export goods obtained in Ethiopia, up to a value 500 birr. For the export of skins and hides and any kind of antique artifacts (e.g. crosses, paintings, bibles, etc.) an export certificate is required.