On the bank of the Baro River at the low altitude of 530 meter above sea level, Gambella is a hot and steamy place. In its heydays, it was a vibrant port where steamships docked to bring valuable resources from the Ethiopian highlands to Khartoum. The town itself has little to offer for the visitor but not the vicinity.

Nuer and Anuak people

The Nuer and Anuak people live in an area on the border of Ethiopia and South Sudan, the Nuer were originally more on the Sudan side. They are of the same descent and speak an eastern Nilotic language. Being tall and very dark-skinned they look quite different from other Ethiopian people. Although the Anuak are farmers and fishermen and the Nuer pastoralist they share a long history of tension and both suffered from unrest in the region.

Gambella National Park

Gambella National Park used to be a place teaming with wildlife, some of it not found anywhere else in Ethiopia. Its vicinity to Sudan and a high influx of refugees in the vicinity over the years had a big impact. Still, it is well worth a visit for the adventurous traveler. You might come across the white-eared kob and Nile lechwe, two animals restricted to a small area. Other species found are lion, elephant, buffalo, tiang, Lelwel hartebeest, and roan antelope. The park is rewarding for birders too, with species not found elsewhere in Ethiopia.