Key Afar – Banna

Key Afar is another crossroad village on the road to Jinka. The name of the town translated as red soil and that’s what you see all around you. This is Banna territory. The Banna are related to the Hamar and speak an Omotic language. Banna women have the habit to wear the halved calabash they use for drinking as a kind of helmet when not needed.

The Thursday market

Thursday Banna market in Key Afar

Key Afar is most famous for its weekly market on Thursday. This is one of the biggest markets in the south which attracts mainly Banna, Ari, and Tsamai people but other people are visiting as well.  Besides the household, clothes, and food section, there is a cattle market where traders from as far as Addis Ababa buy cattle. The market has a very friendly atmosphere and visitors are very welcome and can easily walk around.