Ethiopia has a lot to offer for photographers and video makers. Possibilities are boundless and you will most probably record much more than expected.

Bring sufficient memory cards as they might be difficult to find in Ethiopia. Also bring spare batteries, although charging is possible in every hotel. Power cuts are common but mostly for a short time only. The electric supply is 220 V 50 Hz, sockets are suitable for 2 pin euro plugs. Charging batteries while camping is limited to a few places, but our vehicles do have 12 V cigar lighter sockets. While trekking, you’ll find seldom electricity.

Using a video camera on historical sites, around churches and some other places (like Blue Nile Falls) might be charged extra, usually between 50 and 100 birr (USD 2-3) for Lalibela 300 birr (USD 10).

In the south, it is customary to pay 5-10 birr (USD 0,15-0,30) per person per picture although events with an all-inclusive entrance fee are becoming more commonly available.